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Lanbena Teeth Whitening Soda Remove Teeth Stain and Freshen Breath Free Delivery

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Product Description

  • Effectively removes bacteria in the mouth and effectively averts tooth decay.
  • 360-degree care of the oral cavity, mild and non-irritating.
  • Plant extracts, helps to break down the pigmentation on the surface of the teeth, keeping the teeth bright and white.
  • Clean teeth stain, freshen breath, whiten teeth, strengthen enamel, repair oral damage.
  • It kills two major oral bacteria and two gum-stimulating bacteria, bleaching its teeth and providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • It helps to solidify the protein in hard tooth tissue, forming a protective layer, alleviating tooth allergy, reducing the occurrence of plate and periodontal disease, and effectively avoiding dyspnea.
  • It can effectively eliminate the bacteria and Tatars that cause tooth decay, bleach the teeth while strengthening them, alleviate tooth pain and breathe freshly
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